The London Wine Competition is one of the most relevant and renowned wine competition in the world.

London Wine Competition - DP

It is a highly revered chance to determine the best world wines. The London Wine Competition has a simple goal. Judges look to discover the single most delectable wines and wine brands that consumers will enjoy for years to come.

The London Wine Competition is more than recognition but also looks to commend, award, or give medals to the world wines that deserve it. At the London Wine Competition, awards are given to those who work hard and persevere in winemaking. Furthermore, through this process, consumers learn about amazing new wines to try.

The London Wine Competition

The London Wine Competition is also one of the most participative wine awards competitions. Whether you are a sommelier, bar manager, winemaker, or simply a wine connoisseur—anyone can take part. Therefore, Judges and managers of the competition encourage wine lovers to come out and enjoy what they have to offer. Needless to say, anyone who wants to partake in the events can tune in on multiple trade shows.

The London Wine Fair, for instance, covers all different wine award events, the London Wine Competition included. First, all year-round guests are educated and inspired by new wines. This is of assistance not only to the wine lovers but restauranteurs and wine producers everywhere. As can be seen, the London Wine Competition is present at all major trade shows. London’s presence is heavily known from the International Bulk Wine and Spirits show in San Francisco to the German ProWein show.

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For Schwarz Wine Co., many of their wines are scored in the mid to high 90’s out of 100.

Winning World Wines

First, the selection of the world’s wines is seemingly endless. Therefore, there is a huge need for these competitions in order to identify the best of the world’s wines. Secondly, this is clarified through the London Wine Competition and the wine awards that are handed out during the events. The awards handed out include the gold, silver, and bronze, as well as many others. Some of these awards include The Best in Show Wine, Wine of The Year, and Winery of The Year. Therefore, it is truly some of the best exposure for world wines.

Arcadian Shiraz – GOLD

This year there were many a worthy winner in the wine awards ceremony. Beginning with the Arcadian Shiraz Idyll, this wine was lauded with approval and raving reviews at this years’ London Wine Competition. The original Idyll vines were put into the ground late in the 1960’s. Since that time, this winery has expanded into a globally known and sold brand. The Idyll Wine Co. makes a good array of different wines from unique fruits. They were one of the first to be awarded a Gold Medal. Their flavors are sensational, and the notes will caress your sense of smell, leaving behind a pleasant floral scent. Judges decided this was the perfect Shiraz of the year.

Schwarz Wine Co. – SILVER

Schwarz comes from the well-known Barossa Valley. This winery won the Silver Medal and producing some of the best world wines. Luckily, this recognition has only boosted their already stellar reputation and sold more bottles of their delectable blends. Many of their wines are scored in the mid to high 90’s out of 100. Their wines are pleasantly scented with notes of just about every fruit you could imagine. Also, their wines caress the tongue of its consumer much like satin, leaving behind a trailing, delicious impression that your mouth will not soon forget. This hard work and dedication clearly produced an amazing wine.

Revana Vineyard – Pinot Noir – Bronze

This very distinct bottle of Pinot Noir was recognized as one of the best world wines this year at the London Wine Competition 2018. The vineyard from which it is derived has ten different Pinot Noir clones planted along 46-acres. What’s more impressive, is the fact that these vines are planted on 18 distinct soil types. Pinot Noir is the flagship of this winery and it represents the extremely diverse array of terrain and soils. Once the bottle is good to drink, your nose will pick up hints of cherry, fig, and brown sugar. Then, while your taste buds are enlightened with a bright red fruit at the core, and smooth, black cherry, you are led to its finish.

London Wine Competition and The Wine Awards

The London Wine Competitions wine awards are highly sought after and something to be proud of. Not only do these wine awards help with marketing and sales, they are prestigious and affirming to those winemaking entrants. The London Wine Competition is open to the public, allowing them to try the best world wines and participate in a variety of fun events. Visit the London Wine Competition and enjoy a unique wine experience.