The international wine challenge has long been a celebrated tradition for 34-years.

International Wine Challenge - DP

wine competition is home to some of the best wines found anywhere in the world. The International Wine Challenge draws in crowds from all over the world. For one, this is one of the biggest wine competitions on the globe, inviting some of the best wines and competitive spirits. The William Reed Business Media company officially owns the International Wine Challenge.

Considered the worlds’ finest wine competition anywhere, judging is serious. One of the neater facts surrounding the International Wine Challenge is that each wine is mysterious. Judges check for how true they are to their year, region, and overall style. Then, a trophy, gold, silver, or bronze medal goes to winners. Entrants can also attain a great value recognition. The idea behind this competition is to taste the best wines available in the world.

International Wine Challenge Schedule

Decided this year, the best wines of 2018 took place in the Spring months. All entries each year must arrive by March 16. Each participant must send in four samples of their best wines. The entry fee is 120 euros, and the wine competition itself is open to the public. You can even apply to be a judge if you are feeling so inclined and qualified! Judging a competition this side makes for a fun, unique experience you may never get again.

The judging itself takes place between April 10th and the 20th. Received on May 10th are the medals, awards, and accommodations. During April 22nd and 23rd, the judges taste the best wines of the International Wine Challenge, also known as the trophy tasting. Then, on May 17th, 2018 of this year, for example, the trophies were revealed, followed by a delightful trophy/awards dinner for all those being honored.

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Winemakers come to the International Wine Championship with big hopes, using old and new school techniques.

Events At The International Wine Challenge

This wine competition pairs the best judges together with the best wines for the ultimate tasting. The International Wine Challenge features three main stages of the competition. There is a lot of thought, preparation, and expertise behind this which is why it is so prestigious. With some of the best judges and palates, discovering the best wines available is possible.

Judges walk around and taste each wine in the first round. It is during this first round of tasting that the first-step begins, marking wines out or pushing them forward. The wines considered for further judging are either commended or pushed forward. While every wine does not earn a trophy or gold medal, the commended ones are often out of this world. Judges then taste wines considered to be out to ensure agreement.

The second round of wine tasting begins just a few short days following round one. Each qualifying wine it then tasted during round two. Following this delectable process, judges go on to decide which wines should be out. However, awards and medals are handed out, so it is different than round one. You will see commendations during this time.

Round three of the International Wine Challenge is simple. This is when winemakers know how well their wine did. It is during round three that the medals and commended wines become celebrated. Broadcasted internationally, the results of this wine competition are quite the pleasure to tune into.

Spring Wine Competition And The International Wine Championships Best Wines

Fruit begins to ripen in the Spring as you are probably aware. This makes it the utterly perfect time to make and bottle some of the best wines possible. Winemakers come to the International Wine Championship with big hopes, using old and new school techniques. Highly sought after, this wine competition is not only exciting for those who make this popular spirit but for fans too.

This year, the Piper-Heidsiek Rare 2002 won the Champion of Champions trophy. This makes it the king of kings according to this particular wine competition. Produced by the famous Piper-Heidsieck and created in Champagne, France unsurprisingly, this wine blew the judges away. Crafted from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, it represents the high standards that exist in this region.

It features fragrant notes that tickle the nostrils and flavors that light the taste buds up in delight. This full-bodied wine is both robust and delicate with floral, rich, ripe fruits that caress the tongue. It is of the sparkling variety with a 12% alcohol content. No matter what you are into, the International Wine Challenge introduces the world to the best wines in the world. Stop in and check out the International Wine Competition for an authentic trip through what it takes to become an international wine judge.