SecondBottle presents the barbecue wine pairing and how to get it right.

Barbecue Wine Pairing - A beautiful couple grilling meat and vegetables in their backyard with wine!

As summer quickly approaches, barbecue season gets underway. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting under the sun, with a refreshing drink and barbecued food. Wine is an amazing summer drink, from sangria to a glass by itself. The barbecue wine pairing, on the other hand, is less black and white. SecondBottle presents the barbecue wine pairing and how to get it right.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an amazing, balanced red wine. Furthermore, this pale red wine is one of the most food-friendly wines for your barbecue wine pairing. With fruit hints of cherries and raspberries, notes of vanilla, tobacco, and oak, Pinot Noir is the wine for your next barbecue.  Perfect for red meats, dark poultry, as well as game.

The earthy tones and wood quality about Pinot Noir make it perfect for smoked meats, or meats cooked for hours on a barbecue or smoker. The fruit flavors can compliment fatty well. However, meats with heavier fats left on them after cooking may go better with a crisper, more acidic wine.

Pinot Noir balanced nature makes it an amazing asset for barbecue wine pairing! Utilize your options this summer!


Rosé is truly a jack of all trades. From dry to sweet, sparkling to still, white to pink; Rosé comes in many forms. All forms are delicious! The perfect summer drink, light, and refreshing go hand in hand with summer barbecues. Additionally, the versatility of Rosé is embodied by the varied range of flavors it may contain.

Rosés may highlight a vast variety of flavors. The most common flavor among Rosé is strawberry. However, Rosés may contain hints of honeysuckle, blood orange, pink grapefruit, peaches, tomatoes, citrus and more.

The acidity and bright fruit flavors make Rosé the perfect balancer for fatty dishes and meats. Everything from succulent duck breast, to smoked meat and brisket. While most would pair a thick steak with a red wine, the right Rosé can compliment it just right. Furthermore, Rosé is amazing with grilled seafood and pork.

Rose is the perfect weapon in your barbecue wine pairing arsenal! (Plus, who doesn’t want to polish off a bottle of Rosé under the hot summer sun!)

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Spain is famous for its food and wine. Try a piece of the beautiful country this summer and enjoy Spanish wine!

Spanish Wine

Deep Spanish reds such as Tempranillo, Rioja, or a Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon are an amazing option for your barbecue wine pairing needs. These amazing reds are affordable, pack a punch, and go amazingly with grilled meats and heavier dishes such as slow-cooked ribs!

The crispness and balanced acidity of these varieties provide the perfect counterbalance to grilled meats. Furthermore, they bring out both savory and sweet flavors in meats.

Spain is famous for its food and wine. Try a piece of the beautiful country this summer and enjoy Spanish wine!

Sparkling Wine

Light and airy, bubbly and fresh; Sparkling wines are summer barbecues best friend. Sparkling wines such as the Italian Prosecco, or the Spanish Cava are beautiful options.

Better tasting then beer on a hot day, chilled sparkling white wine is the perfect accompaniment to appetizers. Guests will have an amazing time sipping these wines as they wait for the heavy meal to come.

Whether barbecuing or enjoying a day on the patio under the sun; Sparkling wines are there for you. Italian Prosecco or Spanish Cava will become your summer drink!


Zinfandel has a very silky characteristic which is going tone down the heavy smokiness of a lot of grilled dishes. This wine can be colored anywhere from pink to white. Smooth and crisp, ranging from sweet to dry, acidic to balanced, it is vital for barbecue wine pairing.

Many Zinfandels share a similarity to Rosé in that there is often a nose and flavor of strawberry or citrus notes. The refreshing flavors of Rosé find themselves perfected in Zinfandel’s more substantial, medium-bodied form.

Barbecue Wine Pairing Conclusion:

Hot summer days beg for barbecues! Barbecues beg for great wine. Move away from your traditional beers and explore wine. Furthermore, with the sheer variety of quality wines, the journey is limitless. Find your favorite wine for your summer barbecue wine pairing and enjoy. Or, turn it into Sangria. Ultimately, enhance summer and barbecues with wine!