Often the best medicine at the end of a hard day is a glass of wine, or two, or three. We don’t blame, or judge you! Vancouver Wine Tours are just as relaxing!

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Few things are as relaxing as cozying up as you enjoy a glass or bottle of your favorite wine. Vancouver is a bustling city with an amazing wine culture and beautiful Vancouver wine destinations! You cannot go wrong visiting one of the following Vancouver wine bars! Whether relaxation or socializing is your goal, there is an establishment for every wine need!

The Vancouver Wine Bars

Grapes & Soda

Organic wines are a popular wine option. As well, people are increasingly concerned with what they ingest and put into their bodies. If you relate to this, Grapes & Soda is for you. Grapes & Soda is the Vancouver area’s first all-natural wine bar! The ever-changing roster of organic and naturally-created wines is sure to impress and delivers a unique experience upon every visit. With an admirable goal of only delivering the purest and best wines available, this Vancouver wine destination is a must visit spot!

Incredible wine, amazing food and a cozy atmosphere that sits only 30 combines for an experience unlike any other. Grapes & Soda provides a classy evening or afternoon, without the pretentiousness of other high-end wine establishments. Enjoy wine as you are, learn about wines from their gracious and kind expert staff. This is one wine establishment we can get behind!

Brix and Mortar

This popular hangout and wedding venue is known for an impressive wine list that constantly changes. The vast selection gives wine-lovers of all types the chance to try something new, and learn. Affordable, while delivering an amazing experience makes this Vancouver wine bar a great option! If amazing Ambiance and excellent Vancouver wine are your top priority, visit today! Located in beautiful Yaletown, Brix and Mortar is a must see.

In addition, a beautifully crafted wine menu shines as brightly as the wine! The combination of the beautiful atmosphere, delicious food offerings, and gorgeous wines has cemented this establishment as a beloved wedding spot! The perfect combination, Brix and Mortar is a business that deserves our support!

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This team of wine connoisseurs has selected some of the best spots in all of Vancouver for the schedule.

Salt Tasting Room

Where this Vancouver wine bar really shines in vast wine tasting options. Other establishments provide a pre-assigned list of wines to try. However, Salt Tasting Room allows for the creation of custom tastings, led by wine experts! The expert wine-loving staff in this unique establishment assist customers in selecting and discovering new favorites. Furthermore, the tasting platters available with wine selections are to die for!

For a truly well-rounded and inclusive wine experience, Salt Tasting Room is a great option!

The Wine Bar

Appropriately named, The Wine Bar is more than “just” a spot to chill and enjoy a glass of Vancouver wine. With “tappy hours,” tapas and comfortable outdoor seating, this bar is as easy to fall in love with as the wine list itself! Furthermore, enjoying beautiful wines with a waterfront view is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening!

First, the rotating wine list keeps visits exciting and unique; each visit delivering a new experience. Secondly, gorgeous food, beautiful wines, and an amazing view combine to create a wine haven at The Wine Bar. Lastly, If you are in the area, this is a great option for visits with family and friends or business meetings!

Vine and Hops Wine and Craft Beer Tours

Rounding off this list is the Vine and Hops Wine and Craft Beer Tours located on 5th Avenue. This team of wine connoisseurs has selected some of the best spots in all of Vancouver for the schedule. Why go out for a glass of Vancouver wine at one only place? Take a tour of various wine spots throughout the city, enjoying amazing drinks and various atmospheres around the city. Just like a wine tasting, get a varied taste of the cities offerings!

The public wine tours are raved about by all who participate, and for good reason. Incredible wine bar selections and a friendly approach make for a great day! Lucky participants even learn how some of Vancouver’s best wines are made. Take part in a truly unique social event and enjoy a wine tour today!

In the end, it is easy to make the most of a Vancouver vacation, or explore as a resident! Furthermore, These beautiful wine bars offer varying atmospheres for every type of wine-lover! Ultimately, there are no bad choices; only amazing wine experiences awaiting!