The core values of Thanksgiving makes it an amazing holiday! The idea of taking a day to give thanks for your blessings and loved ones is crucial. Thanksgiving wine makes it even better!

Thanksgiving Wine - An amazing Thanksgiving meal with an array of food and wine!

No matter your culture, religion or skin color; everyone should take time to appreciate the amazing people and positives of life. The perfect Thanksgiving wine not only enhances the festivities, it improves the delicious meal as well.

There are many beautiful Thanksgiving wines to choose from! Whether red or white, the perfect wines exist for the dishes served on Thanksgiving. SecondBottle presents our recommendations, as well as tips for pairing wine with different traditional Thanksgiving offerings!

The Best Wines For Birds!

Red Wines will be the safest selection for your Thanksgiving wine! With Gamey birds such as turkey, goose, and duck, red wines will bring out the best flavors! Complimenting dishes perfectly is crucial in taking a meal to the next level! These wine pairings will make your Thanksgiving meal unforgettable! From sweet, semi-dry and dry wines, SecondBottle has the best selections for you!


Raats Cabernet Franc 2014

Right off the bat, one of the best pairings for a Thanksgiving wine when eating turkey is a Cabernet Franc. Specifically, The Raats Cabernet Franc 2014 is an amazing choice. A lovely red wine featuring notes of astounding baking spices such as nutmeg and, and star anise.  Furthermore, the wine boasts notes of rosemary, aged wood, blackberry, and other dark berries. It is complex yet well balanced and light on the tongue.

Gehricke Zinfandel 2015

Another great option is the Gehricke Zinfandel 2015. A full bodied wine provides a fruit packed flavor with underlying tones of dark berries. It releases beautiful aromas of an array of berries from strawberry to raspberry and a variety of spices. Not only will this work well as a Thanksgiving wine for turkey, it also pairs well with desserts!

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With a light caramel finish, this is truly one of the best red wines for a juicy Thanksgiving goose.


Yabby Lake’s Single Vineyard 2013

First off, goose pairs beautifully with medium-bodied red wines.  For a Thanksgiving wine that will complement goose, Pinot Noir is a great option. Yabby Lake’s Single Vineyard 2013 is both ideal and delicious. Rich bursts of summer fruits such as berries, cherries, and other deep red fruits bring a strong, amazing flavor. With a light caramel finish, this is truly one of the best red wines for a juicy Thanksgiving goose.

Marchesi Di Barolo Tradizione Barolos 2011

Another one of the best wines to highlight a goose dinner is the Marchesi di Barolo Tradizione Barolos 2011. To start, it is rich garnet in color with hints of ruby. It truly a striking wine. The wine boasts crisp scents of sweet spices and wood. Amazing flavors of vanilla, licorice, and hazelnut create a beautiful, well-bodied and balanced pairing. With hints of citrus and a smooth, fine finish; this is one of the best red wine options for pairing with goose.


Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot

Duck is a beautiful flavorful bird, dark and meaty with amazing fat content. When it comes to complementing duck, there are many options. Being that duck is rich and complex finding the perfect red wine is actually easy. The first, aptly named Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, is simply gorgeous.

Layered with both soft and intense flavors, the balance and mouthfeel of this Californian wine are gorgeous. Initially, intense flavors of the ripest cherries hit the tongue. The deep cherry turns to hints of black raspberry, spiced plum, and other beautiful fruits. Straight from Napa Valley, California, this Merlot features a sturdy body that ages well for unforgettable results.

Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2016

If Merlot does not spark your interests, another great Thanksgiving wine for duck is the Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2016. Directly from Burgundy, France, the reddish purple Beaujolais is exquisitely balanced. Bright flavors of lovely licorice, fresh red fruits, and a slight spice, it plays well with seasoned duck. Including a beautiful acidity and juicy tannins that smoothly grace the tongue, this vintage is great for fatty wine. It makes for an excellent complement to both the duck and meaty appetizers.

Selecting The Best Thanksgiving Wine

When looking for the best Thanksgiving wine for your friends and family, worry no more! These wonderful vintages or similarly flavored wines of the same varieties with do the job perfectly! Follow flavor profiles and guest preferences to bring your Thanksgiving experience over the top! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from our family at SecondBottle, to yours!