Russian Wineries are unique, from climate to winemaking techniques; the results are incredible!

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Many people regard Russia as the land of vodka, with little recognition going to wine growing in the region. However, Russia has more to offer than just stiff drinks, as evidenced by the budding Russian Wineries in the country.

Uniqueness Of Russian Wines

Any wine made in Russia qualifies to be Russian Wine, and sometimes, this description also includes wines from Crimea. Most of Russia is unsuitable for wine growing, and the leading Russian Wine Regions lie in Krasnodar and Rostov.

Wine growing has come a long way in the past few years. Five years back, you would surely get wine for less than 100 rubles. The low cost was attributable to the low-quality soviet wines in the market at the time. The present market boasts of high-quality Russian wines produced from the fast-growing vineyards in the country. Locals are also embracing the wines’ low alcohol content, thus resulting in a boost of the Russian Wineries.

Most of the vineyards lie in the North Caucasus region which experiences heavy winters. As such, farmers have had to seek ways in which to protect their vines from frost in the cold seasons. They have been successful in the cultivation of hundreds of grape varieties such as Rkatsiteli, Riesling, and Aligote, amongst others. As farmers discover more ways to increase their production, the Russian wine industry will grow over the times to come.

Amazing Russian Wineries To Visit

There has been an increase in players in the wine industry owing to the fast-growing market for wines. As well, some wineries have existed for centuries while others are just starting out on the market. The one thing that the wineries on this list have in common is their wide selection of high-quality wines.

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Moreover, the most famous wine is the Fagotine which is a semi-sweet white wine made from the Pinot Gris variety.

Chateau Le Grand Vostock


This beautiful winery came to be in 2003, following a lot of research on soils and climate in the Bordeaux. French architect Phillipe Mazieres designed everything from the cellars to the barrels, and the winery gives off a French vibe. Seeing that the area has harsh climatic conditions, the oenologists in the vineyard locate the vines towards the hillside. In this way, the vines receive the sunlight they require to produce high-quality grapes.

Everything from the harvesting to the winemaking takes place as per the instructions of the French winemakers. As such, the wines produced are mouthwatering enough to keep happy customers dropping in all year long. The vineyard currently boasts of two hundred hectares of mature vines and eighty-six of young vines.


Hand-picked grapes get used in the production of high-quality wine that has seen the winery bag some awards. Some of the prizes include the International Wine Challenge Russia in 2004 and the VIII International Professional Wine Contest. Importantly, the winery has both red and white wines in the selections. Moreover, the most famous wine is the Fagotine which is a semi-sweet white wine made from the Pinot Gris variety. Other select wines include the Cuvee Karsov, the Le Chene Royal and the Terres du Sud.

Tastings & Events

You can drop by the winery’s office in Moscow during the weekly tastings, or you can visit the chateau. Moreover, the latter option allows you to enjoy wine pairings, a visit to the vineyards and accommodation at this beautiful winery.

Fanagoria Winery


What started as Sennoi in 1957 has grown to be one of the most successful wineries in Russia. From grape juices all the way to the high-quality wines it now produces, this winery has come a long way. At present, Fangoria has vineyards stretching over 2,300 hectares, and it accounts for four percent of the national wine production. As well, the faces behind this winery hope to play a crucial part in helping locals embrace wine consumption over time.


The wines produced in the winery fall under different categories. Furthermore, wine selections include ice wines, 100 shades, F-Style, vintage, NR, Cru Lermont, Authoring Wines and Autochton. There are also sparkling wines in the categories of Russian Aged, Young, Madame, and Fanagoria. As well, they also strong drinks such as oak brandy and Chacha available.

Tastings & Events

Tastings are available upon reservation and allow guests to tour the vineyards and facilities.

Abrau Durso


This winery, having been founded in 1870, has quite a rich history. They started off by growing Riesling, which they used in the making of red wine. Over time, the winery has delved into other grape varieties, thus evolving into one of the best Russian Wineries.


Wine options range from Millezims to Imperial to Imperial Domain to Russian Sparkling Wine all the way to Brut D’or.

Events & Tastings

During tastings, guests get to sample several high-quality wines as they go through the production process. In addition to this, there are various recipes offered by chefs as guests learn the appropriate pairings for each wine.

In Conclusion

As evidenced by these fantastic Russian Wineries, this country has a lot to offer regarding high-quality wines. As such, you have lots to gain on your road trip to these beautiful establishments.