Portuguese wine is known for its excellence worldwide. Furthermore,  Year after year, the numerous wine-growing regions of Portugal have received a hefty dose of recognition.

Portuguese Wine -A beautiful view of Portugal from the coast

This is no coincidence. This is because wine from Portugal is something that one must experience. If you are serious about a good glass of vino, don’t sleep on Portuguese wine. You will seriously be missing out on something special.

With over 248 varieties of grapes, both international and Portuguese wine grapes, Portugal takes its wine seriously. There are numerous Portuguese wine regions, all of which are responsible for their own unique signature on the country’s wine market.

Don’t think for a second that Italy and France have the market cornered on great wine. Portugal, time and time again, shows up and delivers incredible wines made from the best Portuguese wine grapes. For our selection of Portuguese wine that you should enjoy this year, read on.

The Best Portuguese Wine 2017

DFJ Vinhos 2016 Escada Touriga Nacional

Crafted in the Lisboa region, this full-bodied yet fruity wine is immediately drinkable. There is no aging required to get the most of this rich red wine. Best yet, it’s sold at a price point that is incredibly accessible to wine lovers of any budget. Though it is best enjoyed with a beef dish, this Portuguese wine is absolutely delectable all on its own.

Alicante Bouschet

The Portuguese wine grapes that go into the formulation of this Portuguese wine are unique. Their insides and their skins are both red. This means that this wine contains one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants found in any wine. A rich and smoky flavor, accented with blueberries, makes for a totally mind-blowing wine experience. While it can certainly be aged, the producers of this wine recommend drinking it within 4-5 years for best flavor.


This white Portuguese wine is crafted in three specific Portuguese wine regions. Arinto is a medium-bodied white wine, often created with notes of lemon and honey. It can be hard to find a white wine in Portugal without even the slightest influence of Arinto grapes, but that’s not a bad thing. The flavors are incredible, dry and bitter but still quite sweet. It can also be aged anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

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This amber-colored wine is most often enjoyed with dessert and sweets. It also accompanies soft cheeses exceptionally well.


The Portuguese wine grapes known as Jaen provide a uniquely earthy and smoky flavor with a smooth finish. Very dry and with a high acidity, Jaen wines are crafted with the utmost care and consideration. While this Portuguese wine is undeniably delicious, far too often does it get looked over. Many have said that “If the Jaen grape were Italian, it would already be famous.”

Vinho Verde

The perfect summer sipping wine, Vinho Verde combines the spritzy citrus you love with a refreshing low-alcohol kick. Made with grapes picked from different Portuguese wine regions, this wine is well-loved far and wide. It’s popularly served at nightclubs but is equally enjoyable on the beach or your patio. Tastes of limeade, grapefruit and other citrus fruits make for a unique blend of flavors. As well, This Portuguese wine should be consumed as young as possible, though some variations can be aged for up to 10 years.

The best thing about this wine is that you can get your hands on a bottle for less than $10!

Duorum Duoro

This rich and deeply red Portuguese wine has a fresh aroma that is packed with the lusciousness of dark fruits. Furthermore, it also contains notes of violet and spices that come from the barrels in which this wine is aged. This is an elegant wine best enjoyed with great company.

Real Companhia Velha Porca de Murça Red

Real Companhia Velha Porca de Murcia Red is easily one of the most popular red wines in Portugal. Coming from the Duoro wine region, where excellent wine abounds, this red still stands head and shoulders above many others. It is often enjoyed with daily meals or as a part of a special occasion. There is no wrong way to love this wine! This bright, ruby-red Portuguese wine is accented with notes of cherry and fresh red berry.

Blandy’s Bual Madeira

This amber-colored wine is most often enjoyed with dessert and sweets. It also accompanies soft cheeses exceptionally well. Dried fruits paired with almond and oak craft a seemingly simple but surprisingly complex aroma and flavor. The aftertaste alone is something worth writing home about.

Ultimately, this list is by no means exhaustive of all the great Portuguese wine options there are. Hundreds upon hundreds of wines come from the various wine regions throughout the country. But if you want to increase your knowledge and appreciation for Portuguese wines, look no further than this list to get you started. If you don’t broaden your horizons, you’ll be missing out on some of the best wine experiences a person could have.