Canadian wine and Ottawa wine, in general, has a lot of enthusiasts within Canada. This is evident from the number of amazing Ottawa wine bars that are full every evening.

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Ottawa, Canada’s capital city has a lively downtown, with a variety of spots to enjoy top-quality wines. With differing atmospheres, themes, and wines; there is truly something for every wine-lover.

SecondBottle presents amazing Ottawa wine bars and establishments! The following venues offer truly unique experiences even amongst themselves. With large and expertly chosen wine menus, as well as amazing food; no trip to Ottawa is complete without a visit!

Beckta Dinner and Wine

Located at 150 Elgin Street, Beckta is one of the newest Ottawa wine restaurants that has already built an amazing name for itself. Built into the newly renovated and historic Grant House, this Ottowa wine bar and restaurant has been ruling downtown fine wine and dining since last fall. The bar got its name from Stephen Beckta, a prominent name in local gastronomy and the innovator of the Play Food and Wine in the market. This fine wine holds a special spot between glass-encased Shopify building and the city halls.

Ottawa Wine Offered

Wine prices range from $5 to $22 per glass and $35 to $702 per bottle. With leather seats, wall-to-wall exposed grey brick, and curved archways, this sumptuous Ottawa wine bar is comfortable, nuanced, and beautiful. Beckta has been successful in creating a truly unique atmosphere.
Beckta has a splendid wine menu, with many options for established and unknown wines. With every visit, customers have the opportunity to discover amazing new wines to add to their favorites. Moreover, the hospitality offered is second to none.

One of the most noteworthy wines available at Beckta is a Pinot Noir from Stanners Vineyard in Prince Edward County. This lovely red wine is fresh, fruity and bright owing to the notes of red cherry. However, allow it to sit on your palette and discover the evolution of flavor within this truly remarkable wine.

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This profound, ruby red wine has a raspberry, pepper, and anise aroma with sweet fruit, spice, and floral notes.

Elgin Street Diner and Wine

Another mesmerizing Ottawa wine bar. Elgin is open 24 hours per day, all week. The Elgin Street Diner and Wine is an Ottawa wine Institution! Whether searching for a post-bar meal, breakfast, or dinner, Elgin offers something for everyone. With amazing food and specials, and a great selection of popular wines; Elgin is an amazing social setting all hours of the day!

Many online travel and tourist sites and apps have rated the bar as the best in the city. The Elgin Diner and Wine is always inviting and nostalgic. The interior is retro with old-school upholstered dining chairs, exposed bricks, and classic booths ready for comfortable lounging. This intimate wine bar resembles a comfortable cave with close quarters, lighting and delightful wine racks hanging on the walls.

Undoubtedly, whether looking to get out of the winter’s cold, or drink beautiful wines on a hot summers day; Elgin is a perfect option. Their menu is healthy, with a highly recommended stacked breakfast special that runs throughout the day.

The Menu

Word in the city is their special wine and Smokey Burger, finished with gouda cheddar and in-house grill sauce is what to order. Pair this with an amazing red wine, and it’s heaven on earth! With amazing opportunities for wine tastings, they offer gorgeous options!

Start from their La Braccesca’s “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano” from Tuscany, Italy.
An aromatic red wine that’s kept in an oak barrel, which adds a unique dynamic to the Sangiovese grapes. Also on the list is the Shiraz and All That Jazz, a duo of energetic wines from Australia and South Africa that taste like violets, dark fruits, and pepper. The prices of their wines range from $8.75 to $15.95 per glass, $34.95 to $945 per bottle.

Sur-Lie Fine Food and Wine

The last restaurant on the list is this fine feasting restaurant situated in the core of the Byward Market. From the enticing presentation of the gourmet food offerings to the natural chic interior and (obviously) their wanton French wine. Sur-Lie Fine Food and Wine is a necessary escape from the clamor of downtown and one of the best spots in the city. Modern French food utilizing amazing, fresh ingredients will make this establishment an instant classic!

Wines Available

Amongst the top-notch wine available at Sur-Lie Fine Food and Wine is the Domaine des Amouriers’ “Les Genestes Vacqueyras” from the Rhône Valley in France. This profound, ruby red wine has a raspberry, pepper, and anise aroma with sweet fruit, spice, and floral notes. Wine prices range from $5.25 to $14.50 per glass and $40 to $72 per bottle.


Ottawa has her share of phenomenal restaurants with amazing wines and food! From Beckta Dinner and Wine, with an amazing wine menu, to Sur-Lie Fine Food and Wine in Byward Market. There is truly something for every wine-lover in the Canadian capital!