There are many Italian Wine Regions. If you ever get the chance to sample wine from Aosta, you should seize the opportunity.

Italian Wine Regions Aosta - Beautiful Italian Wine Region Landscape

Such openings are limited as this region produces the least wine of all Italian Wine Regions. This low capacity owes to its small size, as well as the difficulty in viticulture. As such, Aosta produces wine bottles in the ranges of one million, most of which get consumed in the region.

The region’s native whites are prie grapes. Aside from this variety, Aosta also boasts of twelve native reds, with Picotendro being the most revered. The vineyards in this region also grow international varieties such as chardonnay and merlot, to name but a few. Aosta whites get their distinction from the Alpine peaks which add to their minerals and crispness.

Aosta’s small size has not hindered its rise to being one of the best Italian Wine Regions. Its wines are proof that hard work bears fruit and in this case, it results in great wine-producing grapes.

A bottle of Aosta wine will leave you aching for another chance to sample their fantastic wines. Here are some Italian wineries in the Aosta Region that you should visit during your Italian Wine Tours.

Best wineries in the Aosta Italian Wine Regions

Les Cretes Winery


Les Cretes is a renowned winery in the Italian Wine Regions, and it has a vibrant history. The Charrere family, who were initially from France, set up base in the Aosta Valley in the mid-1700s. At first, they focused on farming and milling before growing their first two hectares of grapes in 1955. They grew vinifera varieties which are indigenous to the region and made wine from the fruit. They later enlarged their operations and built the Les Cretes Winery in 1989.

Wine production

The winery relies on wine sourced from twenty-five acres of grapes. They concentrate on both indigenous and traditional vinifera varieties in wine production. This winery is the most prominent privately-held winery in the region, and it produces at least 170,000 bottles in a year.

At the winery, you will have a selection of white, red and sparkling wines. You also get a chance to grab a gift set as you leave. In addition to these, the winery also offers organic beauty treatments for use on the skin to give you a radiant glow.

On-Site Tastings

Wine tasting takes place daily from nine-thirty till twelve-thirty in the afternoon, and from three to six in the evening. For people with other needs, prior arrangements can get made. As you sample the wines, you also get to take a tour of the family museum. It houses artifacts used by the family’s ancestors back in the day. Whether you are a wine expert or are just starting out, the tour guides will meet your needs.

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Though the winery is modern at present, the production methods are in line with the traditions set by his grandfather.

Maison Anselmet

Brief overview

This winery, located deep in the heart of Aosta Valley, is a testament to generations of passion and hard work. The company came to be in 2001, though the first reported vineyard purchase by an Anselmet was in 1585. Since then, the art of wine-making got handed down to every generation for family use. In 1978, the family’s wine-making took a different turn, and they decided to go commercial. Thus, the Maison Anselmet winery came to be, presently producing hundreds of thousands of bottles annually.

Wine selection

You will find red wines ranging from Pinot Noir, Fumin, Henri, Broblan, Le Pellerin, Towers Superieur to La Touché Rouge. White wines include Chardonnay, Stephanie, Pinot Gris, La Touche Blanc, Nix Nivis, Chambave Muscat and Muller Thurgau.

Events and Tastings

Tastings get conducted daily, and it is essential to make arrangements before your arrival. On arrival, a wine expert will guide you through the different wines. You also get to pair the wines with foods as you take a walk down memory lane. It is one of the best Italian Wineries in the region.

Chateau Feuillet


This small winery occupies four hectares to the left of the Dora Baltea River. Maurizio Fiorano founded the winery in 1997 and in two decades managed to raise its productivity. From five thousand square meters to the present forty thousand it sits on, this chateau has come a long way. Though the winery is modern at present, the production methods are in line with the traditions set by his grandfather.

Wines produced

There is a wide assortment of wines for you to sample at the winery, along with various delicacies. They include Syrah, Jaline, Chardonnay, Moscato Blanco, Fumin, Cornalin, Petite Arvine, Pinot Nero, Gewurztraminer, La Table Ronde and Torrette Superieur.

Tastings and events

You can sample the wines on site, as long as you make prior arrangements before arriving at the winery. Their wines go with different foods, and an expert will guide you through the process.

Though Aosta is the smallest in the Italian Wine Regions, it has made a name for itself in high-quality wines. The best time to go sampling is in the spring when all winemakers open their doors to the public. For a reasonable fee, you get to sample a lot of wines while munching on the delicacies displayed. You also get to buy cases of wine at reasonable prices.