The Atacama region lies to the far North of Chile. It is a gorgeous region where fruit cultivation thrives. Chilean Wineries Thrive as well!

Chilean Wineries Of Atacama - Gorgeous Photograph of the mountains of Chile overlooking a lake!

Table grapes and other such fruit grow abundantly within the region. Also, it holds excellent standing in the production of Pisco. Over the years, Atacama has become a thriving wine-producing region. Now, many Chilean Wineries dot the beautiful landscape.

The climate in the Atacama is sweltering and dry, much like that of the Atacama Desert. The Atacama Desert happens to be the driest in the world. As such, viticulture can only take place along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, Farmers taking advantage of the water, as well as fresh breezes, are producing unique and amazing Chilean wines!

Ultimately, many of the best Chilean Wineries in the region include but are not limited to Tara Atacama, Vina Armidita, and Kalfu Sumpai. These wineries have thrived in the harsh conditions to produce some of the best Chilean Wines available. On a true Chilean Wine Tour, be sure to make a stop at any of the three for the ultimate tasting experience.

Best Chilean Wineries in the Atacama Region

Tara Atacama


Deep in the heart of the Atacama Valley lies the Tara Atacama winery. Vina Ventisquero winemakers created this line as a way to meet the needs those looking for extraordinary wines. The calcareous soil in the valley provides an ideal environment for the cultivation of vines. This soil is more abundant in Europe and the US. Furthermore, these winemakers have utilized its amazing properties. The soil enhances the growth of high-quality wine grapes. However, these soils are harsh, and they make cultivation more difficult. Harsh soils, coupled with the significant salt content of the water, make growing vines an uphill task, but one well worth it.

Felipe Tosso admitted that their journey was not an easy one. It took a lot of learning for them to create a working system, thanks to the harsh climate. They finally succeeded and came up with distinctive wines which had their customer base expanding at fast rates.

Wines and Tastings

Tara Atacama has three main wines: Chardonnay-based wine, Pinot Noir based wine and Syrah-based wine. The chardonnay based wine gets made using un-grafted chardonnay vines. Once harvested, the grapes get crushed by foot, and no additives used in the process. As such, the yield from the procedure is low, ranging at about forty percent. Native yeasts get used in the fermentation process.

The production process ends in fifteen months, and the wines get bottled by hand. Thanks to the lack of clarification and filtration, the wine achieves sediment which adds to its natural taste. The wine has various mineral notes and aromas of merlot and apricot evolve during drinking. The other two wines undergo similar processes during harvesting and preservation.

Tasting is available on prior arrangement, enabling people to witness the wonder that is Tara. Get to taste some of the select Chilean Wines as an expert takes you through the process.

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Their Sauvignon Blanc is versatile, this wines pairs perfectly wine with fish and ceviche, seafood and white meats.

Vina Armidita

Brief History

This vineyard came about in 1873, thanks to Don Nicolas, who named it after his daughter. At the time, winemaking was a new culture in Chile, and Don Nicholas was a pioneer in the trade. He did so well that he ended up bagging the first place at a Paris Exhibition fifteen years later. The vineyard changed hands two times before Don Gudelio Ramirez took charge of it.

Don Gudelio and his wife fell in love with Huasco Valley’s fertility. Being winemakers initially, they quickly began the production of the Muscatel wine variety. Their efforts paid off, and they introduced Armidita parajete to the world in 2011. This wine is available in both international and local markets.

The Wines

Their wines stand out based on their sweetness and strong scents, and they are available for tasting. Get to explore the Huasco Valley as you sample different wines. Pairings include but are not limited to apple tarts, brussels sprouts, brochettes and foie-gras terrines.

Kalfu Sumpai


Kalfu Sumpai winery offers incredible Sauvignon Blanc Wines. Sumpai refers to mythological beings which are part human and part fish, much like mermen and mermaids. The story goes that a Sumpai’s role is to protect water bodies. Nobody has come out claiming to have seen them, but the belief in these creatures remains.

Their Sauvignon Blanc wine comes in a pale green hue. It gets recognition for its high minerality as well as its soft notes of herbs and green chili pepper. This wine has crisp acidity and is notable for its full-bodied structure and freshness. Its finish is clean and persistent, accompanied by high salinity.

Wines and Tastings

Their Sauvignon Blanc is versatile, this wines pairs perfectly wine with fish and ceviche, seafood and white meats. An example of an award to this wine is the best Sauvignon Blanc in Chile in the Descorchados Contest (Chile). This wine has many other awards, making Kalfu Sumpai one of the best Chilean Wineries in the region. Tastings are available upon booking.

These Chilean Wineries are proof that nothing is impossible if one is determined to achieve something. Furthermore, their owners managed to brave the harsh climate and came up with high-quality products. Count yourself among the favored few if you get to sample a Chilean Wine from the Atacama region. They are a rare specialty.