Renowned Burgundy wine comes from the Burgundy Region of eastern France. Many famous French Wines originate from the Burgundy Wineries located here.

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The wines from Burgundy are often referred to as Burgundies, and they feature both red and white wines. Most notable in the wines are the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay grape varieties. Also used in wine production of the burgundies are the Gamay and Aligote wine grape varieties. In addition to these wines, there are also sparkling and rose wines produced in the region.

Some wines produced in the Burgundy Wineries go by their names rather than as Burgundies. However, naming is dependent on the sub-region from which wine originates. When compared to other French Wineries, Burgundy stands out as having the most AOCs. These AOCs (appellations d’origine controlee) fall in line with the medieval times. Back then, the practice of delineating vineyards was rife, a system that contributed to high wine production.

Burgundy is home to some of the best French Wines, and this reputation goes back to the 16th Century. Read on to learn more about the Burgundy Wineries you ought to visit while in France.

The Legendary Burgundy Wineries

Chateau de Pommard

The Winery

Wine-making in the Pommard lineage started as early as 909 with the planting of their first vines of Pinot Noir. Later on, Pinot Noir gained reputation and people warmed up to the idea of wine-making. The descendants of Pommard took it upon themselves to expand their operations over the years. In so doing, Vivant built a Regency-Style chateau using pink limestone, which stands strong to date. This manor went on to receive recognition as the most outstanding house all over the province. At present day, this winery is one of the best Burgundy Wineries you will ever get to visit. And it is not just for the amazing architecture.

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The Bichot family settled in Burgundy in 1350 and soon took up viticulture.

Tastings and Events

The tasting experience in Chateau Pommard is not just about excellent wines. Instead, it delves into the rich history of the vineyard, going back three centuries. As you tour the vines, you get to listen to stories of survival through the wars and revolution. You will get amazed at the strength of the five families whose efforts resulted in this fantastic winery.

For people starting out in tasting experiences, this is a great place to start. With a professional wine advisor taking you through the different wines, you will not miss a note. In addition to wine tasting, you also get to learn how to pair food with wines. Schedule a visit today for the ultimate experience.


This winery features some of the best wines on the market. They include Vivant Micault, Simone, Cote de Nuits, Clos Marey-Monge and Cote de Beaune.

Chateau Marsannay

The Winery

This chateau lies in the Marsannay appellation and boasts of thirty-eight acres of rich vineyards. Some of its territories include but are not limited to Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, and Champeaux. Furthermore, It stands as one of the best Burgundy Wineries, having won the Trip Advisor certificate of excellence in 2018.

Tastings and Events

This chateau aims to please with its ample parking spaces, vast reception room, amazing cellars and guided tours. As well, you can schedule a visit throughout the year as an individual, group or company. The tour starts off with a show of the Monks, Dukes, and Burgundy. After that, you head to the Cistercian cellars before heading to the tasting cellar.

From the cellar, you get to have a clear view of the Clos de Jeu Vines as you sip on some exceptional wines. A wine expert is present throughout the process to give you tips on tasting and pairing. The chateau is open every day, and prior appointments are necessary.


There is a wide selection of white wines, red wines and rose wines at the chateau. Notable wines include Marsannay Blanc, Fixin and Marsannay Rouge.

Albert Bichot Winery

The Winery

The Bichot family settled in Burgundy in 1350 and soon took up viticulture. The family symbol used then remains to date and is present even in the winery. Wine-growing in the family begun in the nineteenth century, this is thanks to Bernard Bichot. Furthermore, the practice passed on from father to son over the years and now lies with Alberic Bichot. He focused on improving the quality of grapes to produce better wine and succeeded. At present, his winery boasts of six vineyards stretching from the north to the south of Burgundy.


This winery produces white wines, red wines and rose wines. They fall under the categories of AOC Grand Cru, AOC Premier Cru, AOC Regionale and AOC Village.

Tastings and Events

Tastings are available upon booking where a wine expert takes you through the different wines available. Other than tastings, you can attend their music and wine festival. Here, you get to sip on some wine as you listen to beautiful music.

These Burgundy Wineries are ideal places to visit while on a wine tour. Not only do you taste fine wines but you also get to learn more about Burgundy, and Burgundy wines from the experts. What’s more, there are many delicious food offerings local to Burgundy served alongside.