Looking to stand out, the international Bucharest Wine Contest is different from many of the International Wine Competitions.

Bucharest Wine Contest - DP

While there are many international wine competitions, the Bucharest Wine Contest is working hard to distinguish themselves from the rest. Organized upon the initiative of the countrywide office for Vine and vitivinicultural merchandise, the international Wine Contest Bucharest is exciting. Additionally, with the affiliation of the Tasters of Romania with ASER wine consulting.

Mobilized by using the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural improvement of Romania (MADR), the IWCB 2015 was special. Underneath the patronage of the global enterprise of Vine and Wine (OIV) being the XI version over the past years. Located by using a type of an inter-governmental discussion board, numbering over 45 wine ingesting and generating countries worldwide. Overall, the Bucharest Wine Contest strives to become one of the more influential wine contests in the world.

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The Events

The Bucharest wine competition is up and coming, and they are in fact the most influential in Romania. With everything organized and tasted carefully by the International Organization of Vine and Wine, you know you can trust their opinions. Recognized for their palates and talents, all members have experience in this arena. This years’ approaching wine competition featuring Bucharest wine in addition to others is looking like a big year.

The International Bucharest Wine Competition is currently attracting over 2000 samples. Therefore, it looks like it will be one of the more important in this world as far as wine contests go. The key here is to work hand in hand with winemakers and sommeliers to spread the word of good wines. When a wine is worthy here, it gains traction in sales and marketing.

This major Bucharest Wine Competition is the ticket for higher sales, better marketing, and an increase in attention. The winning Bucharest wines gain help for years to come from these awards. The media attention, associated events, and direct exposure to sommeliers and wine lovers everywhere are just the kicker. Participating countries include Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Poland etc. Soon, they hope to see countries from all over the world.

This Sauvignon Blanc is also unique because it is smoky with fresh, floral, aromas and hints of honey and spice.

Past winners of the Bucharest Wine Contest

The creators of this contest are looking forward to gaining momentum. They want to pick up speed and draw in the attention of winemakers from all over the globe. With only solid, high-quality wines entered, you are certainly in for a treat when it comes to competitions. Below are some of the past years’ winners and the medals awarded.

Baldik – Cabernet Sauvignon – Gold

Stuffed full of good flavors and notes is The Baldik Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is the most famous grape in the world. This of course leads to a massive production of the Cabernet Sauvignon blends of wine. The Baldik Cabernet Sauvignon shares similar flavors with other well-known cabernets. For starters, the color is a deep red with garnet hues. It features a balance of acidity and the perfect tannins. Once uncorked, you will pick up notes of blackcurrant, cedar, dark spices, tomato leaf and beyond.

Sole Barique – Feteasca Regala – Gold

Considered Romania’s best random choice, for starters, the alcohol content here is 13% and it features an aroma that is full of a bouquet of scents. The notes begin with a fresh yellow apple scent, followed up by pears, peaches, sweet lemon, exotic fruits and beyond. It is a dry wine with a medium body and high acidity. This bottle is truly refreshing and lingers on the tongue for some time after every sip you take. The beautiful golden tan color on this wine is nothing to ignore either – in fact – it is quite beautiful.

Sole – Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – Silver

Awarded the silver medal at the last Bucharest Wine Competition, this 2012 Sauvignon Blanc is quite the treat. What allowed it to stand apart from the other Sauvignon Blanc entries were its taste and scent profile. For example: compared to many Sauvignon Blancs, this is a much heavier bodied, fruit forward wine. This Sauvignon Blanc is also unique because it is smoky with fresh, floral, aromas and hints of honey and spice. It features just enough complexity to please any palate.

NIkolaihof Vinothek – Riesling – 1997

Whether you are a wine novice or a regular sommelier, this wine is pleasing to about any palate. Once developed, this wine gets released to the public for all to enjoy—and they do. When it comes to Bucharest wine, this Riesling is more mineral forward than anything else. The extended barrel aging that takes place in the production of this wine is what makes it so worth-while. It is a dry, clear wine that boasts finesse and a lingering finish. If you enjoy Riesling, this bottle is worth the price.