The Berlin Wine Competition stands out as one of the more prestigious wine contests worldwide.

Berlin Wine Competition - DP

Wine contests and wine competitions are hosted all around the world. There are wine competitions everywhere from London to California, and Chile to Spain. The Berlin Wine Competition stands out as one of the more prestigious wine contests worldwide.

Judged by authentic trade buyers, this is the only wine competition of its kind. After the fulfillment of arranging the primary annual NY global Spirits competition in November 2010, vintners from around the world asked them for help. They wanted to see this successful wine competition recreated. Moreover, in the first few months of the original 2011 contest, they judged over 700 wine submissions alone. Today, they have more than doubled that amount per year.

Their unique blind judging panel sets them aside from different international beverage competitions. At the wine competition in Berlin, judges range from the retailer, sommeliers, gourmand, beverage director, hotelier, distributor, and importers. We have seen that these judges, whose livelihood rely on their skill set, without a doubt understand what separates excellent wines from the pack. Therefore, the world was proud to add the Berlin International Wine Competition to the International Beverage Competition Series.

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The Berlin Wine Competition

Performed by judges using panels of a minimum of 4 certified trade consumers the competition goes tested. Then, there is an alternate-best judging panel that works with spirits and their clients on a day by day foundation. They’re a mixture of restaurateurs, sommeliers, retail spirits shoppers, vendors, and importers.

They strive to assemble each judging panel with a mixture of various disciplines so more than one viewpoint is considered in the assessment of the spirits. This Berlin wine competition is highly competitive. The judging will take place in the beautiful Kempinski inn inside the heart of Berlin. Most importantly, The Berlin Wine International Wine Competition is on a merit basis by way of a majority vote.

The judges, get tasked to offer no awards or medals if they won’t import, distribute, buy or promote it in their businesses. This is primarily based on product and charge category. Judges of the Berlin Wine Competition assess the wine in silence.

That is until all panel members have finished their evaluation. Then the panel opens a dialogue to reach a consensus. Judge votes go recorded by using a special BIWC workforce moderator. If there is an extensive difference among a few of the judges’ votes there is a system. This system is as follows: in this wine competition, panelists reach a consensus and search for the opinion of the top judge, Adam Levy.

Past Winners

Lakewood Vineyards 2016 – Riesling – Gold medal

Created in the Finger Lakes, this 2016 Riesling fits perfectly in-between both dry and sweet. There is not a palate in the world that would reject this delectable wine and it pairs great with cheeses of the region. Not only is this wine elegant and lovely in color, but it is quite affordable at just $14. The best part about this wine? It is fruit forward and leaves its consumers in a bouquet of excellence. This was well worth a Berlin wine trophy.

Babich 2017 – Sauvignon Blanc – Silver

Awarded the silver medal, this lovely Sauvignon Blanc went awarded the Silver medal years Berlin wine competition. This of course if for many reasons. For starters, it is downright tasty. Secondly, it stands out from other Sauvignon Blancs due to flavor and scent profiles. It is especially choice if you are a fan of seafood as it pairs perfectly; especially with fresh oysters.

Once this beautiful bottle goes uncorked your senses enlighten away and you get hints of gooseberry and lantana, with a finishing flavor of slight grapefruit. It is a mineral rich wine that is also herbal, making for a special treat for Berlin wine lovers. During the Berlin Wine Competition, judges found this wine to be with flavor, ranging from lemon to spice. Lastly, it has a medium weight and perfect texture.

Suvla Wines 2014 – Reserve Merlot – Bronze

Finally, this reserve Merlot went awarded a Bronze medal among other Berlin wine at the Berlin Wine Competition. Remember, a bronze medal is nothing to sneeze at, at a wine contest of this size; especially when it comes to Berlin wines. Once opened, you receive notes of elderberry and fresh blackberry. Additionally, plum and black cherry linger somewhere within the layers of this award-winning wine.

The balance of the fruit and acidity here are beyond compare, with the perfect tannins. Finally, this wine ends by chicory and clove with a little bit of chocolate right at the end. This wine comes highly recommended and is quite affordable. Uncork and drink up.